Spiced Pumpkin Cocktail

Oh. My. Word.

Spiced Pumpkin Cocktail

Here in the south, when we’re fond of someone, we call them “pumpkin”.  Well, I truly see why now after trying this drink.  “Pumpkin” has a whole new meaning to me.  For real.

I was FINALLY able to get my hands on a bottle of Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka recently.  Here in my neck of the woods I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.  Luckily, I have an awesome friend who has some connections and scored getting a case ordered at one of my local ABC stores.  Thanks Amanda!

Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka

Oh, by the way…I didn’t buy the whole case.  :-)

Spiced Pumpkin Cocktail

This is a cocktail that is definitely being served at Thanksgiving dinner, without a doubt!  I can’t take much credit for it though.  I saw the recipe on Pinnacle’s Facebook page and knew I had to try it.  I just changed it up just a tad, not much at all.  Thanks Pinnacle for the awesome recipe!  :-)

Ingredients for Spiced Pumpkin Cocktail

Aside from a nutmeg and sugar mixture for the rim and topping, here are your ingredients for my new favorite fall cocktail:  Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka, Irish cream liqueur, half & half and whipped topping.  You’ll also need a shaker.

Another shout out to Amanda for the hook-up…cheers to Thirsty Thursday!  :-)

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Spiced Pumpkin Cocktail
Prep time
Total time
  • 2 parts Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka
  • 1 part Irish cream liqueur
  • ½ part half & half
  • Whipped cream topping
  • Nutmeg & granulated sugar mixture for rimming glass & topping; 1:1 ratio
  1. Rim glass with nutmeg & sugar mixture.
  2. In a shaker with ice, vigorously shake vodka, Irish cream & half & half. Strain into glass. Top with whipped cream topping. Sprinkle with nutmeg & sugar mixture.


  1. Deb says

    I love this Vodka!! I used almost the exact ingredients to make Pumpkin Pie Pudding Shots.. (i don’t like Jello). They are pretty fabulous! Enjoy!!

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