Cherry Beer Margaritas

Do you ever have those days when you want to celebrate just because it’s 5 o’clock?  :-)

Cherry Beer Margaritas

Yeah.  I feel ya’ pain.  That’s why I’m sharing one of my favorite 5 o’clock porch drinks:  cherry beer margaritas.  They’re so dainty and refreshing, but don’t let ’em fool you.  They will slap you in the face when you’re least expecting it.  So tread lightly, friends……and enjoy.  :-)

Cherry Beer Margaritas

All you’re gonna need is your favorite tequila, a 12 ounce can of frozen limeade, 12 ounces of cherry flavored soda, your favorite beer, kosher salt, a lime & cherries (oh, and ice).  I empty the frozen limeade in the pitcher first, and use the same can for measuring the soda & tequila.  Use a wooden spoon to break up & stir the frozen limeade concentrate in the mixture.

I hope you enjoy this little refreshing “porch cocktail” as much as I do {hiccup} :-).  Cheers!

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Cherry Beer Margaritas
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 48 ounces
  • (1) 12 ounce can frozen limeade concentrate
  • 12 ounces cherry flavored soda
  • (1) 12 ounce bottle of your favorite beer (I used Corona Light)
  • 12 ounces of your favorite tequila
  • Kosher salt, for rimming glass
  • Lime for garnish
  • Cherries for garnish
  1. Rub lime wedge around rim of each glass; dip in kosher salt.
  2. In a large pitcher, mix all ingredients and stir with a wooden spoon to combine.
  3. Serve over ice (if desired) & garnish with a lime wedge & cherry.


  1. Al Godley says

    I’m having a party and will be mixing this up! I’m just not inviting anyone so I don’t have to share!

  2. says


    Made these tonight for Mexican Night and they were AWESOME!! Even my 23 year old son loved them. Kudos coming up with a wonderful, refreshing drink that complimented my steak tacos beautifully!

  3. Meggan says

    oh man – this sounds good! Have you tried any other liquors? I had a VERY bad night in college with tequila and 15 years later I still can’t handle even the smell!

    • The Blond Cook says

      LOL Meggan! I’ve heard of that more than once! No I haven’t tried it with anything else; I can’t imagine what else would be good in it. The “pineapple orange crusher” is similar in that it has beer, frozen fruit concentrate, ginger ale & pineapple vodka in it if you want to try that one!

  4. Laura says

    Made a pitcher of this last night, and it came out really good! Couldn’t find cherry 7up so we used a mix of cherry limeade and the cherry flavored mountain dew. Thanks for a great recipe!

    • The Blond Cook says

      Hi Jessica, the only thing I would worry about is the cherry soda & beer losing the carbonation (or “fizz”–that makes it good!) if it’s not sealed tightly. It’s never lasted that long around here to need refrigerating…LOL! If you do make it ahead, I would prepare everything except for the alcohol & add that right before serving

      • Renee says

        We were thinking about making this for our wedding on June 30th, but worry about it losing fizz. Do you mean add the soda right before serving? Or add the alcohol before serving? Thanks so much!

        • The Blond Cook says

          Hi Renee! Sorry for the delay; I’ve been out of town. I just sent you an email–please check it when you get time! :)

  5. Perrinne says

    I had this at my birthday party and it was a BIG hit! I told people to sip SLOW but this will be my staple summer drink!

  6. Donna G says

    I have an allergy to Tequila… had to learn the hard way, I use to think it must be the shots with friends or just too many Margarita’s in one night, anyway…I make my Margarita’s using Barcardi O, it’s an orange flavored rum. I’ can’t wait to give this recipe a try with the Barcardi O.

    • The Blond Cook says

      Thank you Kim! I’ve been out of town so I’m a little late on replying–have you tried it yet? :)

  7. says

    This is EXACTLY the type of fun, yummy drink I was searching for! I’m having my college graduation party next month and need something cute & girly, with a kick… and this is just that! YAY! Thanks for sharing :)

    • The Blond Cook says

      Thank you Amber–& congratulations on your achievement! I hope you & your friends enjoy them at the party!

  8. mike says

    My finance found your website and we decided to try this margarita mix. I must say we loved it so much we have passed this on to a few friends. It’s now a summertime hit. Thanks!

    • The Blond Cook says

      Thank you so much! I checked out your blog & love it! I can’t believe there is a glazed donut vodka..LOL!

  9. Kari Townsend says

    This is my margarita recipe. I just leave out the cherry soda and fill the blender with ice for frozen margaritas. Too good! I will be trying it with the cherry soda for a different taste. Thanks!

    • The Blond Cook says

      Yum! I will have to try your recipe…my blender is broken so I haven’t been able to make any frozen drinks lately! :(

  10. says

    I was so excited to see this recipe. I am always looking for a little something to make a get together better or just a great treat for myself. Thanks Amy.

    • The Blond Cook says

      Thank you! These are definitely good for a get-together…hope you have a great 4th of July! :-)

  11. Debbie says

    To me these sounded gross. I made them for a BBQ with the neighbors, just one batch. I really didn’t think anyone would like them. But they were so good they went fast. I made two batches of them for Memorial Day, NONE left. 4th of July I will have 4 batches on hand (we’re expecting quite a crowd). So easy and yummy. I use diet 7UP and Corona Light so that I can drink more. ; D

  12. Becki Parker says

    Bet this would be great with Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash instead of the Cherry 7-Up for a Holiday Drink! They also have Diet!

    • Janet says

      Has anyone made these with non alcoholic beer, like Oduls? If so what would you suggest for the Tequilla?

      Thanks! : )

  13. Debra says

    We are making these for our wedding! Just wondering if we can mix up the nonalcoholic ingredients first, then add the tequila and beer? Or will the cherry 7 up lose its fizz to quickly?

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