Turkey Cabbage Patch Soup

One of my very favorite comforting wintertime soups is this Turkey Cabbage Patch Soup.

Turkey Cabbage Patch Soup

Traditional cabbage patch soup is prepared with ground beef…  I used to order it frequently at a local downtown restaurant, and loved it so much I decided to come up with my own healthier version of it with ground turkey.

Turkey Cabbage Patch Soup

This recipe yields enough to almost fill a 4 quart soup pot and is also freezer-friendly if you have leftovers.  It hits the spot (without hurting your waistline) on those cold, frigid winter days.  Unless you’re like me and eat a quart of it at one sitting.

Moderation is the key here… it’s that good.

Turkey Cabbage Patch Soup

And what’s even better is that it’s not terribly hard or time consuming to prepare.  The most difficult part is the prep work, which takes about 10 minutes to brown the turkey and to chop the cabbage, onions, tomatoes and parsley.

Chopped Cabbage for Turkey Cabbage Patch Soup

It’s important to note to discard the outermost few layers of cabbage before roughly chopping it… they’re tough and take longer to cook.  I normally peel off about 3 layers after I quarter and core the cabbage.

This soup recipe is so good, it was one of my very first recipe posts in early 2012 (minus the photos).  You can print the recipe here.  Enjoy!

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