About Me

Hey, my name is Amy.  Thanks for stopping by my little tiny corner of the web!  I’ve been blogging about food since December 2011 and the photography beast in me slowly emerged.  I had no clue I would enjoy photographing food so much!  Cooking, writing about and photographing food are my TRUE passions in life.

Amy and Chance

I am a contributing writer for SheKnows.com and Our State Magazine’s Our State Eats Blog.  Me and my rescue dog (that’s Chance!) blog from a kitchen on the coast of NC.

The camera that I use is a Canon Rebel T2i.  It is my first DSLR camera and I am still learning every day.  To view my accomplishments around the web (that I am SO proud of!), visit my Featured In page.

I am by no means a culinary professional and don’t claim to be… I just love to cook, have a blast in the kitchen and learn from my mistakes.  The recipes I feature are my own, family recipes, or adapted from magazines, cookbooks or other blogs.

My Dog Chance

Since I don’t have kids, here’s another picture of my “fur baby”, Chance.  Watching him be so appreciative over the “little things” after being rescued from a tough life has taught me huge lessons.

I hope you find my blog helpful and inspiring.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Cheers! :-)