My Chick Toolbox

Totally off the subject of food, I know.  This Labor Day weekend I did a few projects around the house, and thought I’d share something that has really made my life a lot easier over the years.

Chick Toolbox

The gift that has kept on givin’ was from my mom when I moved away to college at Western Carolina University… my chick toolbox.  She handed me what looked like a tiny suitcase and said, “Dear, every woman needs her own toolbox… here is yours.”  As the years went by, I used that toolbox and collected a junk drawer full of nails, screws, hooks, electrical tape, adhesive remover, etc.

Chick Toolbox

When I worked in real estate, I was visiting one of my favorite clients.  Her name was Miss Ellen and she was a hoot!  I remember a picture fell off her wall and the nail came out with it.  She broke out a tackle box and proceeded to grab her hammer.  Genius!  Why didn’t I think of that?  She had all of her nails, hooks, etc. in each little compartment, all neatly organized.  And there was enough room at the bottom for the big stuff.

So now, I don’t have a “junk drawer” full of crap that is unorganized and I can easily find what I need when it comes time to fix something around the house.

Chick Toolbox

Oh, and the reason “no guys are allowed” is because all my guy buddies used to borrow my tools and didn’t return them!  LOL!

Just a little something I wanted to share… Happy Labor Day!  :-)


  1. Auntiepatch says

    Brilliant! I kept a hammer at work that the guys kept borrowing and not bringing back. I finally put my initials on it in pink nail polish and they stopped borrowing it!

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