Mexican Cheeseburgers

I’ve always loved cooking on the grill and just get tired of plain ole burgers every now and then.

Mexican Cheeseburger

And I know some people can get serious about their grilling.  I personally choose to use a charcoal grill.  I enjoy the smell of the fire and the charbroiled flavor.  Each to his own, so if you prefer a gas grill, more power to ya!  :-)

I’m actually considering purchasing a gas grill to try some serious slow cooking recipes this winter…so if anyone has any recommendations of what brand and model of a gas grill to purchase; please pass them along!

Soooo…regarding “Mexican Cheeseburgers“…I’ve grilled burgers with salsa in the patties, and I’ve also grilled burgers and topped them with guacamole.

Guacamole Mix

This recipe, however, has guacamole MIX and salsa in the patties.  Thought I’d give it a try and they were phenomenal.  Definitely worthy of a repeat.

I’ve also learned the hard way that when I’m grilling any kind of burgers, NOT to use extremely lean ground beef–the burgers turn out dry.  I like my burgers juicy, so I use 80-85% lean ground beef.

Charcoal Grill

When my coals look like this is when I know my grill is ready.  I have a Weber charcoal grill that I love.  I purchased it as a gift to myself about eight years ago and it has never let me down.  All I’ve really had to do is purchase new grates recently…it has been used so much the original grates had almost disintegrated.  😐

This cheeseburger recipe is super simple and perfect for summer grilling.  So whether you’re a gas or charcoal grilling king (or queen!)…these grilled Mexican Cheeseburgers will be sure to light your fire.  :-)

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Mexican Cheeseburgers
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4 burgers
  • 2 pounds ground beef (15-20% fat)
  • ½ cup prepared salsa
  • (1) 1.1 ounce package guacamole seasoning
  • 4 hamburger buns
  • 4 slices cheddar jack cheese
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • Lettuce
  • Sliced tomato
  • Optional condiments: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc.
  1. In a large bowl, combine hamburger meat, salsa and guacamole seasoning. Dividing into equal portions, form 4 patties.
  2. Place on a preheated grill. Grill for 4-5 minutes on each side, or until desired amount of doneness is reached. During the last minute of grilling, place cheese slices on top of patties to melt.
  3. Place on toasted buns and top with avocado, lettuce, tomato and desired condiments.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 burger


  1. Al Godley says

    I love to grill, too. I use gas strictly for ease of use and time. I do use “smoke packets” (hickory chips in a foil pouch) for flavor. I like slow cooking, too. The key is indirect heat so I’d recommend a grill with at least 3 burners and preferably 4. That way you can put the meat on one side and the heat on the other. I have one with 2 burners and while I can slow cook, I’m limited by the amount and have to be careful not to get too close to the flame side. I’ve tried every brand of grill over the years and I’ve not found one that is that much better than the other. Mine is a gazillion years old and I bought it because of the rotisserie burner in the back (I love this) that was pretty uncommon back then. I’ve replaced parts several times but we know each other now and get a long great. IF I were to ever get a new one I’d likely go stainless and probably weber or a projessional version of charm glow or char broil. Weber is VERY expensive and I’m not sure it is worth the price compared to the others. Again, the number of burners is m key, not the brand. I’ve heard that infra-red cooking is awesome but more cleaning effort (like I want to do that) so you may check that out. BTW…you can slow cook on your kettle charcoal grill. Put the coals on one side and the meat on the other. Just be sure to turn the meat around so each side faces the side with the heat.

    Thanks for the postings! Gonna try the mexican burgers! I love burgers with “stuff” mixed in!

    • The Blond Cook says

      Thanks, Al! I will try that with my grill. My charcoal Weber was expensive (for a charcoal grill) but it has lasted me the longest out of any that I’ve ever had. Thanks for all the good info…I’ll let you know what I end up getting!

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