The Friendly Market

I recently had the *total honor* of being a taste tester for the debut of a new pie launched in the kitchen of my local farmer’s market:  The Friendly Market.

Mindy's Shrimp & Grits Pie from The Friendly MarketNow y’all are gonna flat out wonder why you didn’t come up with this idea when I tell you what it is:  Shrimp & Grits Pie.  Yep.  When Mindy Fitzpatrick told me about this new creation of hers, I got excited.  Really excited.  Am I going to try to duplicate it at home?  Nope.  I’m gonna go to the market & buy it, because it was that good.  Some things you just leave to the original expert.  :-)

The Friendly KitchenHere’s a little of what goes on behind the scenes in Mindy’s kitchen.  It was humming and everyone was getting the job done—you could tell they loved what they were doing.  See the fresh salsa and local squash?

Photographing at The Friendly MarketKirsti is the “official photographer” of The Friendly Market.  I was thrilled to meet someone local that shared a genuine passion of food photography!

The Friendly KitchenI could write a novel on what comes out of this Friendly Kitchen…everything from blueberry pies, to “friendly pickles”, homemade salsa, fresh baked baguette bread, “crack” pie (it’s a full-on candy pie!), mango bread…the list goes on forever.

The Friendly KitchenI’ve never been in a “friendlier” kitchen.  It was my first time meeting mostly everyone and it felt like I had been friends with them forever.

Matt & Mindy in The Friendly KitchenMatt and Mindy are an awesome husband & wife team that works well together and gets the job done (with a smile!).  I had to “throw that in” because I sincerely admire their dedication and teamwork.

The Friendly MarketPlease support your neighbors and visit your local farmer’s market.  If you live in (or ever visit) my neck of the woods, be sure to stop by The Friendly Market in Morehead City, NC and check out what the locals have to offer.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to what’s right at your back door.  Grow. Eat. Shop.  LOCAL:-)


  1. says

    My sister, Kirsti introduced my wife and I to The Friendly Market when we were in Morehead this weekend. I can attest to the Crack Pie, Veggie Pie and a couple others being absolutely delicious. Matt and Mindy were awrsime. We met them for the first time this weekend.

    If you are anywhere near Morehead City you need to stop and say hey. While you’re there pick up a pie. They have all kinds.

  2. Kristina says

    Oh my goodness! That shrimp and grits pie! I have never wanted to go to NC so badly in my life! Quiet a drive from Tennessee though :(

  3. Linda aRmstrong says

    The tomato pie at Friendly’s is the best! I wish I could duplicate the recipe, also. I think they use the pimento cheese they sell,with onion, Roma tomatoes, and Ritz crackers.

    • Amy @ The Blond Cook says

      Tapp, no I don’t. All of the market’s recipes are protected. The shrimp & grits pie is one of my favorites!

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