Dajio Restaurant ~ Ocracoke, NC

If you’ve browsed around the blog, you’ll see from my clams casino post that we frequently visit Ocracoke Island, NC in the summer.  Sometimes we take the ferry; sometimes we take our own boat & anchor out in the harbor or dock at the public docks.  But one thing is a constant:  we always visit Dajio Restaurant.

Dajio Restaurant, Ocracoke NC

Why?  Hmmmm.  There are just soooo many things that I love about this place!  For starters, of course, great food & drinks without crashing the vacation fund.

Dajio Restaurant Martini

Speaking of great drinks, how ’bout this extra dirty martini my friends ordered up?  The olive was frozen in a little cube of olive juice.  It’s the little “extras” that make the biggest difference.  And let me tell you, there was more than a few of these consumed throughout our vacation (there were four of us, though!).

Worried about what to wear?  Don’t fret; you’re covered (pun intended :-))!  Dajio is the kind of place where you can chow down in baggies, a t-shirt & flip flops, or fine dine in a cocktail dress…you’ll NEVER feel uncomfortable or out of place in your attire.

Chance @ Dajio Restaurant

The “icing on the cake” is…the bar area is doggy friendly!  As you can see, Chance was right at home.  I took this photo with my cell phone, but you get the idea of what an awesome place this is!  See the little water bowl they bring out for your doggy?  :-)

Oh, wait, there’s more…Dajio Restaurant has live music mostly every night in the summer from 7-10 pm.  Although we didn’t visit during the evening on this trip, we “threw down” to some awesome live music last summer.  I probably shouldn’t break those photos out.  😐

Grilled Shrimp & Blue Corn Nachos, Dajio Restaurant

Now, the foooood…oh my.  We started out with the Grilled Shrimp & Blue Corn Nachos.  The shrimp were zesty & local, & the homemade salsa was insanely mouth-watering.

Cioppino Ocracoke Style, Dajio Restaurant

Our main course was Cioppino Ocracoke Style.  The owner, Doug,  prepared this magnificent dish with the fresh catch of the day (black drum), clams, mussels, scallops & shrimp served in a fresh tomato saffron broth over linguine.  I had the great pleasure of meeting Doug; he even shared this recipe that will be featured in the next upcoming edition of The Outer Banks Cookbook by Elizabeth Wiegand (recipe coming soon!).  I literally felt as if I were a princess in a fairy tale!

Awesome food, great service (a big shout-out to our server/bartender, Steve!), & a relaxed atmosphere make Dajio Restaurant our “go-to” restaurant in Ocracoke, NC.

Have you experienced the pleasure of dining at Dajio?  If not, it’s a “must” if you ever visit Ocracoke, NC.

Cheers!  :-)


  1. Edward Sneed says

    About 4 year ago, Dajio had undergone some management change. We had gone there, after doing some shopping in Ocracoke, for lunch. There were 6 of us, and we were hungry. When we got to Dajio Restaurant, they had barely opened. Only the cook and one waiter was there. I offered our assistance to the waiter to help get things cleaned up, while two of our party went to play some pool. We loved the restaurant from previous visits to the Outerbanks and Ocracoke Island. They have a Black Angus burger, that is out of this world in taste. I ordered it. My wife, sister in law, and her boyfriend ordered a flounder meal, which they had at that time. It was big and very tasty also. Had to help the wife eat hers! We were going to the Lifeguard Beach afterwards, and the waiter invited us back for a 5 cent a shrimp basket(s). I added the (s) because we had 4 baskets full. The atmosphere of this restaurant is great and comfortable. That was our 3rd visit for me and the wife. My very first time to the Outerbanks in 1991, we had gone to this restaurant under a different name. We are very happy that they did not close. We will always eat there whenever we’re on Ocracoke Island visiting. Keep up the great work guys, we love you! Don’t let me forget to mention that on our last visit in 2012, we had an unsuspected guest for lunch. . . .a small green gecko! I hope he’s there to see us the next time we come for lunch!

  2. Edward Sneed says

    For a job well done, with much concern, say hello to Chance for us (we’re dog lovers too). He’s welcome at our table anytime we’re there. Nice to meet you Amy

    • The Blond Cook says

      Hey Edward! Thanks so much for the nice words. Dajio is one of my favorite places to eat on Ocracoke Island. Now you’ve got me craving it… hoping to get there very soon. Nice to meet you too!

  3. Becky says

    Hey ya’ll,
    My family of four (all adults) was on Ocracoke Island in October 2013 and ate at Dajio’s 3 times while there on our 7 day visit. I was born on the island but, it had been 7 years since my last visit. We live in Texas ,hence the “ya’ll.” I never ordered a grilled cheese sandwich in a restaurant until I read the ingredients on their menu. Wow!. .Went back the next day and ordered another one. Dajio has a “shrimp hour” from 3-5pm and that was the peace de resistance to us. Ocracoke is the most quaint and wonderful place in the world to me. A big Texas bye bye and hope to be there again soon.

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